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Cindy's Hope for Precious Paws is a Non-Profit Animal Rescue that was established in 2014 and has helped over 2,000 animals. We have helped these many animals because of wonderful people just like you who Foster, Volunteer, and Donate to the rescue. CHPP is based 100% on Fosters, Volunteers, and Donations. Without these vital roles we would not be able to help the Eastern Plains and surrounding area save precious lives. Our goal is to help adoptable animals find loving forever homes by vaccinating, spaying/neutering, and microchipping. We also take in many special cases that require a variety of medical care that ranges from non-critical to life threatening. Our vision is that one day no animal will be euthanized from being homeless, and that all dogs and cats will have a safe and loving place to call home. To learn more about Fostering, Volunteering, and Donating please click on the sections below. 

Cat and Dog

Become a Foster!!!

Becoming a foster is the most important role someone can do to help the rescue. We have dogs and cats that are needing to be saved daily! As a rescue we offer everything you need for their stay with you! All you do is provide a loving and safe place for them while they get vetted. To learn more about Becoming a Life Saving Foster click the link below. 


Cindy's Hope for Precious Paws relies solely on donations. These donations are used for various things for the animals welfare. To donate to the rescue click on the link below for a secured payment method. 

Dollar Bills
Feeding Time


If you can't foster or donate, an amazing way to help us is to Volunteer your time! We have several events that we need help with! Click the link below to become a Volunteer!

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